Based on a true story

What is it with these cases of sexual harrassment, where the people being accused of harrassing others still think that their understanding of the situation is more relevant than those who have experienced harrassment.

“This t-shirt? It does not offend anyone!”

“But everyone here knows that my taste in women does not match at all with the women who here claim to have been harrassed. I’ve had long relationships with women who don’t resemble these ladies at all.”

Sadly, these are all based on a true story. Comments are not quotes, but sentences written based on what I read earlier today on the newspaper.

I know people who enjoy novels more if they’re based on a true story. Somehow, for them, the story becomes more, well, real, when the covers promise a true story.

I also enjoy genuine excitement and a positive way of moving forward, not so much in books, more in real life. For me a story in a book is always a story, very real regardless of the actual truthfulness.

Kuyichi knows how to do it in a good way. Double meanings are sometimes right on the money. Here, you have the story of the people taking part in the production of the t-shirt, and the story of the person wearing the t-shirt.

♣ In the meantime: a small Bernese Mountain Dog, eight weeks, is very cuddly and cute and still so excited about life

♦ Song of the day: Veronica Maggio, Satan i gatan

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