Laundry day, no greenwashing please

I read an article about the attitudes of young people in Finland towards responsible consumerism. The article was published in, which is

the Finnish chapter of the OneWorld-network, an international movement that works to end poverty and environmental destruction through intelligent use of technology

The future looks surprisingly bright. The research, conducted by 15/30 Research, says e.g. that 74% of our younger generation (15-30) think that companies should have other aims in this world: it shouldn’t be about economic gains only. I so agree, but I’m sure the guys in black suits not so much.

The statistical fireworks continue: in 2010 only 54% thought they can have a say in the world’s development by being responsible consumers. This year the figure is slightly higher at 61%. Pretty ok. However, only 34% are actively aiming to make a difference with their consumption habits.

But here’s the real deal.

A clear majority, 78%, think companies are not quite so ecological and ethical as they say they are.

Young people are not so easy to fool after all, are they? If you give a product a nice, new look, adding a bit of green here and there & invest in a fancy ad with someone famous and beautiful talking about ingredients x, y and z – ka-boom! – the youngsters don’t buy it after all.

Oh this makes me very happy, gives me hope. Welcome, all ye young minds with clear thoughts and a well-built brain!

Check the slides here, only in Finnish.

By the way, are you already familiar with Made-By?

♣ In the meantime: Why does a person live in the North again? It’s almost June and still very cold.

♥ Song of the day: Depeche Mode, Martyr

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