Midsummer highlight

I’m getting more and more anxious as mid-June comes closer. It’s one of the highlights of the year, and not because midsummer in Finland is a massive national celebration.

There are four highlights in my year all in all, to be precise.

The second one is now approaching, as the second issue of Intelligent Life comes out mid-June.

Man, I wish we had some magazines in Finland that could reach their level. There are good magazines, don’t get me wrong, but none that really capture (my) areas of interest in a similar way. They describe themselves best:

Intelligent Life is the quarterly lifestyle and culture magazine from The Economist. It covers the arts, style, food, wine, cars, travel and anything else under the sun, as long as it’s interesting. It shares The Economist’s fondness for crisp prose, dry wit and free thinking. But rather than covering politics and economics, it is about life in general and making the most of your time off, from tailoring to museums, hotels to philanthropy, choosing wine to going green.

Tailoring? Philanthrophy? Dry wit? Going green? Yes sir. Yes m’am.

If you haven’t yet seen the mag, you need to start reading. Start from their website, More Intelligent Life. You might just fall in love.

I do know that The Economist is a must-read for all interested in politics. I am too, interested I mean, but the magazine is just too much for me. I get a headache by merely looking at it. So, I’ve decided to leave the Economist, and focus on the quarterly spin-off. Much better.

I even cancelled the subscription for the biggest daily in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat. I don’t want the extra paper to my flat anymore. I lived without any newspapers last year, and was yearning for months to open the pages of a newspaper in the morning with a coffee on the side, but no. I find myself reading the news online: more topics, easy to personalize.

Intelligent Life is so my number one.

♥ In the meantime: How does one maximize possibilities to get concert tickets for Tori Amos?

♣ Song of the day: Adele, Set Fire to the Rain

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