In the land of no

It’s getting warmer in the North. Summer is almost here, and people enjoy the warm weather downtown Helsinki. There are nice parks in Helsinki.

“Please don’t walk on the grass”

As it’s getting warmer, it’s very nice to start moving around with a bike. You feel the wind on your face, keep pedaling and end up craving for an ice-cream. You stop and start looking for a place to park the bike.

“Please don’t leave your bicycle here”

On the way home you see kids playing in a sandbox. I’m sure they’re delighted to be able to move around themselves, even run around, instead of being stuffed to a stroller and being pushed around in darkness to infinity.

“Don’t throw sand around! Don’t run! Don’t do that!”

This country is the promised land of “no”. It’s like a disease, at the same time visible and hidden everywhere. I don’t think we even realize ourselves how deep into the “no” our thinking has sunk. It’s in the back of my head all the time, even though I try to think more along the lines of “yes”.

But there are certain ayes and nays we get to choose ourselves.

Today I felt happy and relieved as one of the parliamentary groups pointed out that the behaviour of one of their members has not been appropriate. You may remember that we recently had elections and the new parliament has just started to operate. The guy has been using very offensive language about people of different ethic origin. It’s the same guy I mentioned earlier.

But now the party is coming out with a clear “no” to racism, in addition to saying “no” to the MP. Now this is a strong “no”. I just wish all party troops and supporters grasp the meaning. If it’s only a statement that nobody really commits to, it’s just like greenwashing.

For once, we have a “no” that I like. A strong word, in a time of need, well said.

♥ In the meantime: Check out the Mural Explorer. Fantastic stuff!

♦ Song of the day: Prince of Assyria, Tears of Joy

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