Brimful of ash, not a problem

This week has been very cloudy and autumn-like. Windy and rainy. I know the blue sky exists, but I haven’t seen it.

I wonder if it’s the second Icelandic ash cloud or just our climate? I wasn’t in Helsinki last year when the first Icelandic ash cloud caused a lot of hoolabaloo. This time the ash cloud seems less troublesome. Maybe because our society is very functional and pragmatic, or maybe because fewer friends are now travelling around than last year and there is less buzz in social media.

Talking about ash, I wonder if there are companies using ash for some inspiring and innovative purpose? Recycling? I’m sure someone has already come up with an idea and developed it into a profitable business.

In Sweden they are handing out a prize for best greenwashing (available only in Swedish). Among the contestants are some famous brands like Ikea, Vattenfall and Mitshubishi, and then some less known brands, such as a politician and a petrol company (both presumably very known in Sweden, but not known to me). The brands haven’t recycled ash, but something else. The word ‘green’ perhaps, at least when reading the pages of those giving the prize?

As I was reading the report my previous posting was about, I found a quote that surely applies to Sweden as well as Finland (page 98 in the report):

In this day and age, steering people through orders and force is a considerably less effective method than before. This makes it even more important to develop an accurate understanding of what is actually going on in society and how people really act.

This combined with the attitudes of young people and responsible consumers forms a nice equation. Add some social media, good networks and a little bit of good timing, and there you have it.

And to top it all up, here’s one more quote from the report I was talking about in my previous posting (page 136). A good proposal for us to think, develop, conceptualize and market. In order to understand it, you may want to read this first.

Each Nordic citizen must know his or her ecological footprint, the origin of products consumed and their environmental impacts. To this end, the Nordic heads of state could agree on Nordic everyman’s obligations to supplement everyman’s rights. Their basic premise would be to improve the citizens’understanding of the significance of lifestyles in preserving natural resources and preventing environmental threats.

♦ In the meantime: how cute is that You tube video of a cat mum hugging her kitten while they sleep?

♣ Song of the day: Aretha Franklin, Muddy water

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