Random rage

I met someone the other night, who made my life miserable in five minutes. This person managed to be very offensive and rude without knowing me at all. The person was simply upset about something and too blinded by anger to communicate with respect.

I felt sad for the persons’s child, who was standing right next to us. What an example for interaction the young one gets, when the parents treat other people disrespectfully. As if it was necessary to be the loudest, rudest, most aggressive, the one who gets the last word. This is one of the examples why I sometimes don’t like Finland.

Lack of communication skills.

But don’t think I’m innocent. I’m very straightforward, and sometimes still too much so. I don’t offend people on purpose, and when I do it without realizing, it’s worse. I also let myself get provoked by insignificant things every now and then.

But I don’t assume the people I meet on the streets are enemies. They’re just people, I don’t have to win them in any way. Not verbally, physically, anything.

Anyway, a thought came to my mind that maybe this person is not very happy. Did you already check this, the 7 rules for creating more happiness? I should’ve quoted these rules to the crazy person, winked at the child and told him that listening to the parents is not always the smartest thing to do.

♥ In the meantime: I did secure a respectable number of tickets for Tori Amos’ concert in September. Now my friends can come, too!

♠ Song of the day: Tuomo, Reach out for you

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