Glitter, please

I had the pleasure of celebrating a wonderful wedding this weekend. It may be fantastic to get married on a distant shore somewhere in the Pacific, but the Finnish summer – so green, warm and beautiful at best – surely provides an equally impressive setting, if not better.

As I was preparing for the wedding, an idea came up. What if we needed a second pair of shoes for the later hours of the party? Many ladies tend to wear high heels for occasions such as these. But it sure is not a bad idea to get glitter sneakers for the late night/early morning party, when the boogie takes over.

And then I saw this pair of Toms. And this pair. How is one supposed to choose?

Recently, I’ve found myself thinking about responsible business a lot. A business can be responsible in so many ways. But I was surprised to learn of the Toms concept. The movement, as they call it. One pair of shoes donated for each pair of shoes bought. Now, that’s something. In September 2010 they were giving shoes in more than 20 countries, and had already donated over a million pairs. Mostly black slip-on shoes that match e.g. school uniforms in many countries.

Impressive, pure and simple. Not because of the donation as such, not because I think development cooperation is good in most of its forms, but because Toms is a company which aims at making a profit.

Impressive and simple. And they also have a vegan collection.

[edit the next day – how did I forget the song of the day??]

♥ In the meantime: Why did Volvo stop developing the bi-fuel cars? If I was to get a car, I would love to have one that runs with gas and petrol. In Finland, you can already drive around relatively well with gas stations popping up here and there.

♥ Song of the day: Leonard Cohen, First we take Manhattan

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