Sugar, Je sais

So Tori Amos is coming to town in late September. I got tickets, and I’m loving it. I’ve only seen her abroad, never in Finland.

One of my best concert memories is from Berlin in 2007. We went to see Tori Amos when she was playing in Tempodrom. Before the concert, I had never heard her sing Joni Mitchell. A case of you made an everlasting impression on me, and Gold dust in Oslo Sentrum Scene in 2009 even more so.

Finland does  not have so many new, modern concert halls that still provide an intimate, almost club-like atmosphere. We have the massive ice-hockey halls or old buildings with not so good acoustics. There are some good venues of course, but they are relatively small.

I fell in love with La Cigale in Paris when I went to see Calogero in 2009. I almost cried when I saw the soft, red velvet seats and people mingling around with their drinks. In Finland, drinks are allowed in certain areas only, maybe most of us don’t know how to drink in a civilized way.

I’ve also seen the Laeiszhalle in Hamburg. Man, I also want one in Helsinki!

Yes, there is the Savoy theatre. Yes, there’s the Huvila Festival Tent once a year for two weeks.

But nothing quite like La Cigale when c’est la fin de la fin du monde. If I could hear Tori Amos play in La Cigale I would be a very happy girl. Instead, she will be playing in the old ice-hockey hall in Helsinki. Surely the gig will be good, but still. An ice-hockey hall. Really?

♥ In the meantime: Finland still has no government after the parliamentary election in April

♥ Song of the day: Calogero, Je t’emmène où je t’aime

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