Blissful commuting

Oh the cycling.

I had forgotten how wonderful it is to ride the bike to work in Helsinki. In the morning it’s pure happiness. In the afternoon, maybe less so, but still wonderful. Whatever work-related stuff you have incubating in your mind, it’s gone by the time you reach home. At least if the cycling takes about half an hour, the route is danger-free and not spoiled with too many traffic lights and uphills.

I could have been enjoying commuting for more than a month already, but for some reason, a lame excuse I think, I’ve not started cycling before this week. And now I can’t think of a single reason why not. I guess it’s a mixture of laziness and tiredness and just a general lack of effort. What a shame.

As cycling in Helsinki in the morning time gets pretty fast and many people take it rather seriously, one must wear a helmet. The Swedes are, again, a few steps ahead when it comes to helmet design. This helmet works just like an airbag in a car. Can you imagine? A fellow blogger (in Finnish) has published a nice article on Hövding, with a link to the test video. Check it out.

One can also add some Cycle Chic to a more traditional headpiece. Yakkay helmets are brainwear for smart people, as they call it themselves. Cool stuff. I might change my ugly helmet to a more stylish one.

And perhaps I’ll turn my commuting into an exploration of forgotten gloves, as a fellow blogger has done.

There is an interesting thing (link to Facebook page) happening in Helsinki, not related to daily commuting, but bike riding. In the night, including a party, introducing a biking blog CycleInHel. Not Hell, Hel. Let’s see if I can dig out the address to the upcoming blog in advance.

[edit later same day]

Ooops, I misunderstood. The blog has been up and running for two months already, and you can find it here. Sorry, available only in Finnish.  

♣ In the meantime: I know where to get Toms shoes in Helsinki. Check out The Green Dress.

♥ Song of the day: Foo Fighters, Walking after you

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