Eating animals

Haven’t had a chance to go to work by bike the last two days. Really looking forward to cycling tomorrow. I promised to start blogging for cycleinhel too. I’m thinking of starting to write & photograph for them along the lines of sprayed messages and lonely items found from my cycling routes. Perhaps some ecofashion, too. Any thoughts?

Last weekend I mainly worked. When I was avoiding work, I read books, looked out from the window (was raining) and cleaned like a maniac. I read magazines and finally started the book I’ve longed to read for a while: Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating animals.

I managed to read some 50 pages or so. I’m thinking it would be good for anyone to visit a modern cowshed (whatever they call them nowadays) and slaughterhouse. Just to see how animals really live and die – mostly in order for many of us to eat them.

The examples mentioned in the book make me feel sick. I had never heard of downers before, nor of this. Not sure which one troubles me more. The way downers are described in Wikipedia is not exactly the same as JSF’s book. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between. For chick culling the description is pretty much the same.

After reading, and I will read more, it does feel somehow silly to talk about anything else. On the other hand, if I just fell quiet after every issue of concern I faced, I would be mute.

So, to continue, I must ask if you’re already familiar with HootSuite? I logged in to see what it’s about, and I was impressed. With some social media accounts of my own, HootSuite makes managing them pretty easy. Super easy even. Where’s the small print?

Also, I may have gotten myself a new, superbly soft piece of clothing. It’s made of organic cotton and a tiny bit of elastane. I’ve worn it all weekend, and may still wear it tomorrow to work.

♣ In the meantime: In Lohas they’re asking a good question: What if five percent of the $500 billion in global ad spending was instead invested in making this a better world?

♠ Song of the day: Alison Krauss & Union Station, Sinking Stone

2 thoughts on “Eating animals

  1. Thoreau believed that humans would eventually give up meat altogether, a logical progression on par with cycling in lieu of driving. It seems Foer’s book made an impact, but to what extent?

    Here’s a link to some photoblog posts from cycle hikes:

    On another note, if you’re a fan of Alison Krauss, check out Gillian Welch.

    • Cameron Brooks, thanks! It’s a good question you raise. To what extent? And, beautiful photos, must have been great cycle hikes. Will check Gillian Welch, cheers!

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