More Midsummer

It’s hard perhaps to imagine how midsummer looks like, if you’ve never been to Scandinavia to experience it. This is how it looked to me in 2011.

Wild strawberries for dessert.

Towing the bonfire to its place, next to a small island where people around the lake gather. Same families have been building the bonfire and gathering to celebrate Midsummer for forty years already. It’s only for one night, but the tradition is long.

When the sun starts to set, the bonfire is lit. When the weather is perfect, you can see the sun set and start rising again.

Most of the night you sit in front of a fire, talk to people you haven’t seen in a good while – perhaps a year or more . For me, the bonfire is mesmerizing. Any fire will do, actually, but the bonfire is somehow beautiful and meaningful.

If you want to read more about bonfires, turn to Wikipedia. Many cultures and countries have their own traditions with bonfires. The Finnish one has traditionally meant keeping bad spirits afar. As the day is equally long to the night, spirits have been believed to grow restless.

♥ In the meantime: There’s a new interesting clothing brand in Finland, Second chance. The name tells the story: all materials are recycled textiles. They will open a webstore in the autumn.

♦ Song of the day: Architecture in Helsinki, Escapee

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