Sustainable design

Very often customer magazines are boring, too polished and trying to market everything too much. Now, I’ve found a customer magazine that totally blew me away. Sadly, it’s only available in Finnish, but take a look anyway – the layout, photos & colours are amazing. Simply amazing. I also love the way they present the makers. Funny little stories and remarks, very appealing. Here it is. The magazine is published only once a year, and the name changes every year. Now how cool is that? The publisher is Edita Group, and this is how they describe themselves:

Edita Group is a leading Nordic communications services provider that produces and develops the products, services and solutions needed by companies and other entities in their communications.

For me, the content is surprisingly interesting (for a customer magazine): topical articles about creativity, storytelling, environmental communications and branding. Even though the topics relate to the services marketed by the publisher, it’s not too obvious. The content is genuinely interesting.

On the 2010 magazine they present ‘sustainable’ books: three books dealing with sustainable design. The question is, how can graphic designers promote sustainable development in their work. In many ways, I presume. The entire design process can be harnessed for spreading the message of social and ecological responsibility.

  1. Green graphic design by Brian Dougherty
  2. Sustanable: A handbook of materials and applications for graphic designers and their clients by Aaris Sherin
  3. Designing sustainable packaging by Scott Boylston

Some of them are a few years old already, but for me, they’re all new. Some of the links are to webstores, some to pages just presenting the work.

One more wonderful element in the magazine, in addition to all the wonderful content. The ecological footprint of the magazine is presented on the inside cover. As far as I can see, they calculate pretty much everything: materials, waste, pollution to air and water. However, they note that the biggest environmental impact comes from the content. I so agree.

The biggest environmental impact of this publication, just like any other publication, comes most probably from its content. If the publication makes readers increase their recycling of waste, reduce driving cars, lower the temperature in their houses or make them change to green electricity, the environmental impact can be considered even good (free translation from Finnish to English by me).

Yeah, baby! The funny thing is the magazine has been done in Swedish first, or at least most of the articles have been translated. Maybe that’s why it seems so fresh, stylish and unusual to my Finnish eye. I’m loving it though, and already looking forward to the next issue in 2012.

Somehow the magazine has the same feeling to it than well-made, good quality furniture. You want to use it time and again, not replace it with anything else and definitely not throw it away. Even though they advise readers to recycle the magazine after reading it, as wood fibre can be recycled up to six times, I don’t want to. I want to keep it.

Again, categorizing this as ‘literature’ because of the cool factor.

♣ In the meantime: Just recruit me has landed to Finland, too. Videos, videos, videos!

♦ Song of the day: Rodrigo Leão, Pasion

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