Your mother had it coming

The funniest thing happened the other day.

I was sitting in a bus, going somewhere. As usual, the only thing to listen to is other people breathing and the radio of the driver. In Finland, it’s pretty unusual to hear people talk or laugh in buses, trains or trams. I guess we appreciate the quiteness, personal space of others or perhaps we’re just too shy to even look into each other’s eyes. 


A blond, beautiful woman wearing dark, large sunglasses stops the bus and steps in. It’s quiet, just like always. She’s showing her bus card to the electronic reader, and starts walking towards the back of the bus. Then someone behind me starts to whistle the Kill Bill theme. It was only the first two tunes, maybe unrecognizable for many, but I started smiling. It can’t have been a coincidence. The whistling was loud enough for everyone to hear in the quietness of the morning. I didn’t dare turn back and look, as the whistling ended just as quickly as it had started, and the bus fell back to its comfortable silence.

I smiled for the rest of the day and kept wondering if the lady understood the compliment.

♥ In the meantime: It’s Helsinki Pride week. Good stuff! Hoping this year there will be no violence.

♠ Song of the day: Jesse feat. Jimi Tenor, Karaoke King (diskJokke remix)

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