Good enough

I’ve been thinking for a good while why is it that I never remember to use any of those beautiful words I find in wonderful novels?

Many people write with such beauty, wit and eloquence that it makes me slightly envious. I wish I could do the same.

But then, a good friend gave me an absolution. English as a lingua franca allows us non-natives many things, the use of language is flexible and permissive.


I’ve taken part in many international meetings, and there, it’s like a 24 hour course in bad English. But the language issue is always secondary. The point one makes in a discussion is far more interesting than verb conjugation.

But still. Besides the everyday mistakes with articles and prepositions and whatnot, I want more vocabulary. Maybe I’ll make a campaign: Word of the day?

♥ In the meantime: Have you already hear of Lytro cameras? I only read about them today and man, do I want one.

♥ Song of the day: Sarah McLachlan, Good Enough

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