Ecological intelligence

A friend was reading Ecological Intelligence on the beach on Saturday. A beautiful day, full of sunshine, fun, laughter and happy thoughts. I even took my family canoeing in the nearby river. The dog loved it.

On the beach, my friend and I had a quick talk about the book in the midst of eating a light lunch (plenty of Finnish strawberries). I haven’t read the book myself, but will add it to my list. Dan Goleman published the book in 2009, and describes it in the following way:

Ecological Intelligence draws on cutting-edge research to reveal why “green is a mirage,” illuminates inconsistencies in our response to the ecological crisis, and introduces new technologies that reveal with “radical transparency” the eco-impact of products we buy, with the potential to drive consumers to make smarter decisions and companies to reform their business practices.

Talk about greenwashing! If you’re clueless as to what ecological intelligence means, as defined by Goleman, read more here. You may need to read the article, but I think the following quote says a lot:

Ecological intelligence melds these cognitive skills with empathy for all life. Just as social and emotional intelligence build on the abilities to take other people’s perspective, feel with them, and show our concern, ecological intelligence extends this capacity to all natural systems. We display such empathy whenever we feel distress at a sign of the “pain” of the planet, or resolve to make things better. This expanded empathy adds to a rational analysis of cause-effect the motivation to help.

♥ In the meantime: I’m back in the game when it comes to crochet! It only requires a quick look to Ravelry and an episode of the BBC World Book Club.  

♥ Song of the day: Fleet Foxes, Helplessness blues

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