Wake up and smell the coffee

Sometimes an idiom fits your situation – literally. If you look at the listing here you’ll see what I mean. There’s one idiom I particularly like, and was reminded of it again this morning when cycling to work. In Helsinki, the saying Wake up and smell the coffee comes true – literally – almost every morning.

There’s a coffee roastery not too far away from the city centre. In the winter time, the best moment of the everyday bus ride to work is when bus doors are opened near the roastery. The intoxicating, enticing (please note proper novelist words!) smell of fresh coffee sneaks in from the open doors, and for me, it’s the best thing ever. Or well, when I visited the wonderful Zagreb and lived next to a chocolate factory, the smell was pretty lovely, too.

For a few days now the winds have been favourable to me, and I’ve smelled the coffee in the morning sunshine, although my cycling route is further away from the roastery. A completely new experience for me has been passing a meat packing house on my way. Am not sure how to describe that smell. It’s like being inside a massive, steaming hot dog for a few, brief seconds. And then it’s coffee again.  

I’ve heard people complain about the coffee smell. What’s wrong with them? Maybe they prefer the exhaust fumes.

Having written about idioms, and being a novice writer, I surely violate idioms as a rule, and nonsense results. However, reading a description of corrupted idioms in Wikipedia makes me laugh. Read the chapter and join the giggling, or should I say, this chapter will help assist you to understand your own limitations. 

♦ In the meantime: I’ve found such hilarious blog names from WordPress. People are so smart and funny! Or what do you think: Early Nerd Special and Woman in Thrisis? Such fantastic names, positive and hilarious.  

♠ Song of the day: Anggun, Nous avions des ailes

[edit: wrong link in list of idioms, it’s fixed now]

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