No more tacit acceptance

What a confusing, devastating and disturbing weekend.

In theory, I know what happened in Norway. In practice, I have no idea. I’ve read about a bomb explosion and I’ve seen videos of young social democrats being helped after someone opened fire at them. I have no idea what it feels like to run for your life.

Before this weekend I’ve read about many cases where people load themselves with explosives, walk into a market place or some important building and simply blow themselves up – and dozens of innocent people at the same time. I have no idea what it feels like to see people explode in front of you either.

Neither example is acceptable to me. I condemn them both. What makes the difference this time is perhaps that the bomb exploded and people were slaughtered in Norway, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Also, I guess it’s relatively rare to have a person kill others coldly and after being detained to ask for a possibility to publicly explain. Talk about the motives, you see, so that everyone could listen and perhaps even understand.

What happens more often is that a person or a group publish a video or similar, from hiding, take credit for the havoc they have caused and share whatever message they have. Perhaps reasons, perhaps demands. The guy in Norway only wanted to wear a uniform in court and explain himself to the general public worldwide.

And many of those who share his ideals and thoughts hurried to say that he’s just an individual, a lunatic – a crazy person who has nothing to do with them.

Well I disagree. I don’t think he was crazy. I think he was pretty professional and rational in what he was doing. And I think he has a lot in common with all these like-minded individuals. They shared ideals and criticisms.

It makes me sad to say that now it’s finally about time to do something about the growing hate talk in internet and elsewhere. It’s about time to say no to racism and bigotry. No more tacit acceptance. No more bullshit from those who are bending the laws and clumsily hiding behind freedom of speech.

I knew it was about time already earlier. But I wasn’t expecting a manifestation of hate quite like this one. Now we’re faced with a situation where a nationalist bigot slaughtered dozens of liberally minded youngsters. For me, it is a political murder.

It makes me sad and very mad. I’m sad for all those people who lost their lives, and all the families and friends who lost their loved ones.

But my sadness is being taken over by madness. Real fury. Not for the killer, but for his ideals and criticisms. It’s time to tackle them stupid thoughts. Will you join me?

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♥ Song of the day: Rodrigo Leão, Vita Brevis

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