I gotta feeling

Today I was reading about branding and marketing, and happened to come across some interesting videos.

I saw this. Man, that’s one hell of a flash mob. Makes me want to go crazy and dance, too. How in the name of everything did they pull it off? And then I saw this one. I was laughing out loud. What a great way of doing, erm, I dunno what. But it’s fun, so whatta hel.

So far flash mobs have not really worked out in Helsinki, and that’s a shame. How to organise one that really shows and is seen? Could we do one with bicycles?

Even though flash mobs here have not been such a success, what was nice in 2002 was having Spencer Tunick visit the town and take some amazing photos (was it really almost ten years ago?). But our photos taken in the market square look pretty pale when compared to some of those wonderful installations he’s made in e.g. Switzerland or Spain. He did take some photos in the beautiful old Yrjönkatu swimming hall as well, but I was not there. It seems someone has published the Helsinki photo on an open Facebook page.

♦ In the meantime: Check out the video from Malmö – No more ridiculous car trips. Wonderful ideas for promoting cycling.

♣ Song of the day: Doris Troy, Just one look

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