Living in a box

I came across a great quote today in Twitter.

Don’t think outside the box. Think like there is no box.

It’s from Famous Women (name of the Twitter profile). Normally they always post the name of the person, too, but this time the quote remained anonymous.

Thinking outside the box is something everyone should do every now and then. Until today I’ve been happy with the practice of challenging myself occasionally, breaking the routines and doing unconventional things or usual things in unconventional ways.

But to think like there is no box. I tend to think I’m rather open-minded, but I’m not sure I know what it even means. Perhaps one needs to see the box first, before one can try to imagine it’s not there. Living in a box is not good for anyone. But how do you know if you actually are in one?

I watched an old episode of Spooks yesterday, from season four (episode 3). I have to admit that I’m pretty scared of the society turning into a freak house such as the one in Spooks. No need to tell me it’s fiction – I will always answer that it could be true.

As for the song of the day: I heard it on radio on Saturday. Had to stay inside and listen, could not make myself step outside. I know Keren Ann, but for some weird reason did not recognize the song. She was introduced after the song as the female Leonard Cohen. I like the connotation.

She has a pretty good way of expressing herself. Song titles from her new album include e.g. My name is trouble, Sugar mama, and You were on fire. Anyone who names their album 101 cannot be wrong. I believe 101 was the first proper live concert I ever saw (ok from tv but anyway). I was 11 years old and blown away and have loved Depeche Mode ever since that day. And now Keren Ann has also published an album with that title.

Not to undermine her beauty, but she’s not your average pretty girl posing nicely and singing some witless songs. She is posing with a gun in her hand, singing about Sugar mamas and blood on her hands. I see a challenge there, and I like it.

You’re hardly a superstar, but you’re a serious man. You need a serious car, and some girl with plans. So take me for a ride, you can surprise me.

♥ In the meantime: So excited for a friend who has finished the first draft of their novel. Superb fiction coming our way!

♦ Song of the day: Keren Ann, All the beautiful girls

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