Lessons and mushrooms

There are times when I thank myself for spending time in Laos. I learned many things in there.

I know how to wait patiently without losing my temper. This skill was tested last night when after a walk in the rain with the dog, half a key got stuck in the key cylinder and the rest remained in the key chain. The locksmith worked really hard to open the door. In the end I opened the door through the mailbox myself, as his tools did not work, half the key rested firmly in the cylinder and his arm was too big for the mailbox. Of course he had to take apart the entire lock system to get 0,5 cm of bent key material out the cylinder.

I know that getting from one place to another is more important than driving by the rules. This I’ve tested several times in the local traffic here, doing U+S-turns in the middle of junctions and indicating that I’m turning left by sticking my hand out the window.

I also know that anything can be fixed with duct tape of super glue. Last weekend I fixed a shoe with glue and had a wonderful night in high heels.

What I did not learn in Laos, is how to pick mushrooms. I still don’t know how to, but I’m learning. I did find some gorgeous, young individuals of boletus edulis from the rainy forest today. I might train my dog to find mushrooms.

As Christian Lindholm from Fjord said last week in an event I took part in, we need to look beyond the wow effect, and find the of course effect. He was talking about design. But walking in that forest, with a vague clue on what good mushrooms look like, I heard myself say of course.

♥ In the meantime: If you have not tried a single podcast in your life, now is the time. Go, search and find inspiration! I was listening to a singer-songwriter Manna talk with Lasse Kurki on Radio Helsinki about writing songs and making music. Superb!

♠ Song of the day: Manna, Lead me

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