Listing my latest learnings

So it’s September. Working through the summer months has made me tired. I asked for a few days off in the coming weeks, and will enjoy a very long weekend mid-September. Good choice.

The other day I was again confronted by a passive-aggressive fellow citizen, and it inspired me to write a post on learning.

What have I learned recently?

  • To let the nasty remarks fly in and fly out. There is really no need to take things personally, unless of course, they are personal. A person who insults you on a personal level, probably has nothing else to say. How could you be angry at such a person?
  • Showing your teeth is not always a bad thing, even though I wholly support the more friendly approach (this I’ve learned from my very kind dog who, however, takes no BS from anyone, big or small)
  • To take my looks seriously, in the sense that there is a very strict limit to the amount of unethical fast fashion I wear (the more I read about the fashion industry, the more this makes sense)
  • To pick mushrooms, at least the few that I almost always recognize (Facebook was a great help for a beginner with random mushrooms)
  • I’ve also learned that there is a wonderful Norwegian band called Susanna and the Magical Orchestra. They’ve made great music, among which a truly magical cover of Jolene.

♥ In the meantime: Helsinki could learn from Copenhagen when it comes to really making cycling easy and fun for people. We need not only engineers, we need innovative minds like designer Julie Kim (see article for more info on designer)!

♠ Song of the day: Nina Simone, Just like Tom Thumb’s blues

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