Simply Biutiful

The past three days have been wonderful. Not working, taking it easy, sleeping, talking, walking, enjoying the forest, having morning coffee without haste. It’s a privilege to be able to take a few days off work.

Then I watched Biutiful.

I was hopeful in renting two movies that I’ve too many times left to the rental store. I thought I might just watch both of them tonight: Biutiful and Winter’s Bone. Even though I’ve never watched as many films as I did in 2010, these two I managed to miss last year. But I knew they existed and were supposedly good.

Biutiful is not as much good as it is breathtaking, actually. I was not able to start Winter’s Bone yet, as I don’t think I can. There’s too much to feel and think with Biutiful alone.

A few things come to mind from the movie.

Most of us never see the grey side of popular travel destinations, like e.g. Barcelona in this movie. I would not necessarily call it the dark side, but the grey one, filled with sadness, fear, uncertainty and never-ending efforts to make it through to the next day. Most of us don’t see it, or simply refuse to see it.

I have my moments of uncertainty and fear, and the battle to wake up in the morning is a never-ending one, but still, it’s nothing. Really, if anything, my worries are simple first world problems. Real, but less acute than tomorrow’s meal for my (imaginary) children.

No matter how much I love written words, if I had to choose between seeing and hearing, I might have to choose hearing. Can’t imagine life without melodies, such as the soundtrack of Biutiful. The melodies feed my imagination maybe better than words ever could.

In Biutiful, the Argentinian wizard Gustavo Santaolalla has composed – again – some fantastic pieces for us to relate to and cherish. He made an impression on me some years ago with the music and sound world of Babel and to a degree also with Brokeback Mountain. Listening to Deportation/Iguazu from Babel gives my mind an adrenaline rush, an urge to make sure I’ve remembered to live this day so that I could die happy tomorrow.

The original score of Biutiful, Elegiac, contains all unfulfilled dreams, broken promises and loving thoughts I can think of. It’s perfect for the story. The last few notes bring to mind the soundtrack of Piano, in more detail it’s the song Big My Secret. Really, only a few notes, but I can hear it. Can it be a coincidence? Listen carefully from 2.55. onwards.

This post also goes to the category of ‘literature’ as the movie had such a good story in it. Even though it’s fiction, it could be true. And I’m sure there’s someone in Barcelona to whom the story is true.

♥ In the meantime: I never knew that moss can drink up so much rain water. After walking in the forest for six hours, my sneakers are not really wet. And it has been raining in Finland for two weeks in a row.

♠ Song of the day: Biutiful sountrack, Elegiac

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