My top 10 Tori Amos songs

As the long-awaited Tori Amos concert is approaching, it’s time to make a list of her most meaningful songs for me. I’m a frantic list-maker, but I try to keep it under control. If I’m not mistaken this is only the second list I’m making in this blog.

Here are my top 10 Tori Amos Songs. I see that my favourites have been composed long ago. But maybe I’ll find the newer albums sometime in the future?

  1. Martha’s foolish ginger. I’ve listened to the song on repeat so many times in the past ten years that I don’t care to count. Listening to something I dearly love on repeat is not an issue. Two hours of the same song is nothing. I simply love the message, melody and Tori’s clear voice in this one. Who knows what I would have done?
  2. Sugar. Hearing this one played live is magic. Sugar, bring me sugar!
  3. Lust. I started crying when I heard this one live in Berlin. Too beautiful to describe. No idea what she’s singing about, really, but the melody and again a new way of singing, almost whispering, really gets to me.
  4. Cornflake Girl. It must have been one of the first ones I heard. Fell in love with the piano right away. I never knew about the background, I just loved the music. Never was a cornflake girl. Thought it was a good solution hangin’ with the raisin girls. 
  5. China. I think I found her first album Little Earthquakes only after falling in love with Under the Pink. Even as a young girl, I already related to the absolute impossibility of relationships – without having had one myself, but still. In your eyes, I saw our future together, but you just look away in the distance. 
  6. Virginia. The piano. Lovely and playful, I like the folksy feel to the song. And the way she sings in the end. The long-lasting Oh Virginias. Love it. She can’t recall what they represent and when you ask, she won’t know. 
  7. A sorta fairytale. I always loved the song, but after seeing the video I really liked it. Funky video, technically not very well polished. The message is more in-your-face than subtle. For me, it’s a good reminder about how us humans are all alike. And I’m so sad like a good book. 
  8. Cruel. Simply cruel. So don’t give me respect, Don’t give me a piece of your preciousness.
  9. Jackie’s Strength. Somehow she’s singing about Jackie Kennedy, but then again, the lyrics are not my thing as much as the melody is. Love the melody and pieces of the message. I got lost on my wedding day, typical, the police came but virgins always get backstage, no matter what they’ve got to say.
  10. Caught a lite sneeze. Very much like Cornflake Girl to me. I still have no idea what the video is about, but then again, luckily there is no need ‘to understand’ whatever that means. Love the music. I need a big loan from the girl zone.

♣ In the meantime: It’s interesting to see how Vientiane is developing. Just saw some fresh photos of the river bank. Not only is the water level very high due to rainy season, but they’ve finalized paving the bank, there’s a pedestrian walkway and a road right next to the Mekong.

♦ Song of the day: La Oreja de Van Gogh, Las Noches Que No Mueren

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