Listening to music without CD’s

I love my cd’s. They’re right there by my books, nicely organized. I love going through them on a Sunday morning, choosing one to play and then playing it. I never knew I was a relic because of doing that.

Tori Amos played live in Helsinki last night. I was blown away. I’ve seen her play two times live, but the best things in life come as surprises. So did last night. She was on the stage with only a string quartet. No drums, no bass, just Tori, four musicians, the grand piano, two violins, cello and viola. Some of the arrangements were pretty intense, even aggressive, but I kind of liked it.

Many oldies were played: Marianne, Mr. Zebra, Winter, Baker Baker, Caught a light sneeze, Cloud on my tongue, Tear in your hand and Silent all these years. The newer songs I recognized by not really recognizing them. Liked pretty much all of them.

During the past week I’ve realized I belong somewhere between generation CD and ipod. I’m not generation Spotify. I still love my cd’s and even buy them. This week I learned that only old people do that. Dear me.

♣ In the meantime: Take a look at this video by the University of Helsinki. It shows you a glimpse of the greatness of Finland. Funny, witty and so honest! Welcome to Finland!

♠ Song of the day: U2, Running to Stand Still (covered by Tori Amos)

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