Finns and the genetic preference for heavy music

You know how it is, after a long working week, Friday finally comes and you just want to relax. Today was the kind of day for me.

I’m enjoying a rare evening on my own, so I got some delicious salad ingredients and white wine. Made myself a wonderful salad, poured the wine and opened the laptop to read what my friends have to say about the Nobel peace prize or any news of the day.

Then I opened Spotify, the great online music service that you really need to familiarize yourself with, if you don’t know what it is yet. Anyway, I was thinking along the lines of Alison Krauss, Rodrigo Leão or Johanna Iivanainen. Something easy and soothing to go nicely with the salad and discussions of the day.


I ended up listening to Hevisaurus, a band playing old modified heavy classics arranged for children and wearing dinosaur suits, naturally. Spotify kindly offered their album on the new section and I just pressed play out of curiosity.


Not your everyday experience, I’ll say.

I hear the band is hugely popular among its young audience. They sing in Finnish with lyrics suitable for kids, melodies just as catchy as they can be in The Final Countdown and the like. Can’t blame the kids for going crazy over the band. I’m pretty sure I knew what Europe is before really knowing what Europe is.

Oh, and did I mention that there are two almost identical dinosaur bands playing melodic heavy in Finland? Yes, there are. Hevisaurus and SauruXet. See a difference there? No, me neither. It seems the adults could not deal with one another, contracts and money, so they split the whole thing in two. Now, we have two bands and if I’m not mistaken, kids love them both.

Having heard their music for the first time today, I’m no longer surprised that us Finns are they way we are. You may remember an older posting of mine, which mentioned our peculiar taste in music and eagerness to find solutions. I think today kind of seals the deal for me. There is no turning back, it’s time to accept the facts. Just like the French have the accordion, Caribbeans have steel pans and Russians balalaika, well, we have heavy music. Luckily, not only played wearing dinosaur suits.

I love music, but I still don’t know why I’m posting about this. There is something very unique and touching about this concept of packaging melodic heavy to kids. Can’t quite explain it, but it is intriguing.

♥ In the meantime: It’s great that they’re emphasizing co-operation and sharing the Nobel peace prize. Not a single one of us can make it without others. But the Swedish poet that got the literature prize? Honestly, never heard of him before.

♦ Song of the day: Hevisaurus, Jee Hevisaurus. See any resemblance here to a golden oldie, Heaven’s on Fire by Kiss?

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