Out with the old, in with the new

What happens when two opposing opinions meet cozily on the sofa in the morning tv-show, with the journo sitting in the middle?

The show is called The Pillow Fight. Now that’s funny to start with. But at least once I know the programme has been hilarious because of the content of the discussion. The particular discussion featured a fierce defender of home-based child care and a reasonable guy of the opposite opinion: children will grow just fine in public kindergartens, too.

The level of argumentation was questionable in so many ways, e.g. kindergartens were compared to Hitler’s Germany and totalitarianism, plus good ol’ chaps Mussolini and Stalin were mentioned, too. The reasonable guy wasn’t able to speak much, as the fierce home-defender lacked manners as well, to top off the moldy and disrespectful opinions.

The discussion came to my mind the other day when I learned that the symbol of the SS troops was actually designed by Hugo Boss. It’s surely an old story, but a new one for me.

Again, a completely new aspect (for me) related to the fashion business. I’m not a great friend of authoritative anything, not at work, not in relationships and not in the fashion business either. Until realizing the SS connection the other day, I had not thought of the fashion industry from this angle at all. What’s the story behind other well-known brands?

I’m sure there’s research, but I haven’t read it.

Perhaps this could be one more reason to welcome and support new, young designers with open arms? No historical baggage and fresh views. An example that comes to mind is Minna, who’s not as known in Finland as she should be.

BTW, the Yalo ladies are driving me crazy with these beautiful autumn collection pieces, e.g. this blouse with a strap by Camilla Norrback. Love them!

♣ In the meantime: What Ecouterre shared on the abuse of workers in a Gucci flagship store in China makes me sick to my stomach.

♠ Song of the day: Ofra Haza, Im Nin’Alu

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