Orson Welles: the Queen of Denmark

What a week. Have not had time to blog about things, and there are so many to mention. Must take it easy and not add everything to this one post.

There is the issue with John Grant. He performed last Monday in Helsinki. I had never heard his music before, but then my favourite radio station Radio Helsinki enlightened me, as so many times before.

John Grant surprised me completely. I listened to his album in Spotify and liked it. Hearing him play live blew me away. What a voice! So strong and almost unrecognizable compared to recorded songs. Sometimes you’re lucky to hear people sing live with a voice that does not tremble or go out of pitch ever. John Grant has a voice like that. Superb.

And he’s funny. Honest. Heartbreakingly honest. Melancholically beautiful, maybe that’s why I can relate to his music (you know, the Finnish fondness for melancholic music).

Great live videos available, ones that really bring out his special voice, e.g. It’s easier and Queen of Denmark. I’m sold. Mesmerized.

Many of his songs have a story behind them. Like I wanna go to Marz. The lyrics are directly from a menu of an ice-cream bar of his childhood. He told us in the concert that he some time ago visited the bar in his home town. The same lady that was there decades ago was still selling ice-cream in the same bar.

The song Fireflies is also based on three of his childhood memories. And they’re just built into the song, easy as pie.

We write lists’ description of him is spot on:

Recently voted the year’s best live act at the Mojo awards, John Grant catches you off-guard when first he takes the stage. His strange and soft baritone should come from some gigantic fat man in a fusty old tweed suit. In fact, his remarkable debut ‘Queen of Denmark’ sounds as though it was recorded by someone who looks like the late Orson Welles. But then John Grant comes on stage, white-tee and sunglasses. Strangely glamorous.

[edit right after publishing: check out this 11 minute video where he talks about his career and sings]

♠ In the meantime: Another issue that really deserves attention is of course the knitted hotel room in the UK. How can you not love it? I want one in Helsinki, and hereby volunteer to do my part in crochet.

♣ Song of the day: I wish John Grant would’ve already published his new songs, the ones he played last Monday. I would choose them if possible. In the meantime, I choose JC hates faggots, instead.

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