Quality Hunters on the loose

I’ve written a lot about Finland: the society, design, politics. Or I don’t know if it’s a lot, but anyway I feel like it’s some.

I noticed some time ago that Finnair and Helsinki Airport were planning to launch a second round for Quality Hunters, which is like a sophisticated version of mystery shopping. Except it’s public and very much alive online. People travel here and there and report about what they see, hear, smell and taste.

The first round was organised last year when I was in Laos. Did not follow the project then, but read about it afterwards. Luckily they have documented the experience pretty well here.

The whole concept of rethinking quality is so welcome. Evil minds might say that everything is done because of better PR. Maybe so, but what’s the big deal? When the whole concept is built around quality, I think it’s reassuring. They want to make it better!

I noticed today that seven quality hunters have been selected and they’ve already started travelling. They have also decided that an 8th person will be chosen, based on participation in the online extravaganza. It’s a sneaky concept, very smart. I wish I could use it in my daytime work, too.

The present quality hunters are already covering shopping, business class, services, food and drink, moving from one place to another, entertainment and socializing. That pretty much covers everything relevant for the business, don’t you think?

I think they’re missing a great category: travel fiction.

As it’s all about travelling, going from one place to another, meeting different people, learning languages and customs, swimming into cultures and perhaps seeing differently afterwards, why not include fiction, too? It sure does the same as travelling does. When fiction is written well, it opens your mind to new ways of thinking and understanding without you even noticing it. When it’s written badly like Davincicode and the likes, it boils up a mysterious mixture of excitement and inexplicable feelings of shame.

Luckily, there are great books of fiction that we can focus on. What an exciting task it would be to travel for a while, find stories to relate to from novels that many people know & love AND combine them to present day reality of travelling. Oh, it’s almost too good to be true.

Except it’s not! It is possible, yey! My vote goes to the 8th person covering travel fiction, or any fiction with relation to places all over the world (pick me! pick me!).

♣ In the meantime: I’ve been looking for the perfect lemon tea for a while. Not black tea spiced with lemon, but real, genuine lemon tea. Celestial seasonings made my day, finally!

♥ Song of the day: Five for fighting, Transfer

4 thoughts on “Quality Hunters on the loose

  1. hi you said that you wrote lots about finnland.Wht do u think about finland? i’ve been looking for some related articles about finland, which have been written by foreigners who have lived here. I#ve been here for almost one month and may gonna stay here longer.

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