Noticing a stranger, sharing goodwill

I took part today to TedX Helsinki, an independent Ted event. Never been in one before, but devoured many of the videos they share online. My morning bus trips to work have been great with the thought-provoking entertainment I’ve enjoyed from my tiny iPod.

Will probably blog about the experience more one I’ve digested it a bit. One thing that does require an urgent post is the Medal Day.

Tomorrow, Friday 18 November, is the first ever Medal Day in Finland.

There’s a Facebook site on the event (only in Fin), and by using Google translate or similar you’ll get the drift. To sum it up, the main idea is to give a medal to someone that brings joy or happiness or both to your everyday life. Preferably, the person could be a stranger or someone you see regularly, but don’t really know. The bus driver? Cleaning lady? Someone who makes your everyday life great without you really realizing it?

In the TedX event today, some 700 medals were distributed to people by Maiju Niskanen, a great artist from Turku (one of the nicest towns in Finland). She had got the medals from her travels, can’t remember where, after following a great exploration method: throwing the dice.

She has a cool-sounding round dice and often travels or explores places with it: number two leads you to turn from the second road, four allows you to count the doors and enter from the fourth, five tells you to choose the fifth table on the flea-market and there you go – she sees a large table full of medals and of course has to buy them all (some three years ago) and finally finds a purpose and meaning for them at TedX event in Helsinki.

Now I have one, too, and I’m pondering over whom to give it to. I might not be able to give it to the person I’m thinking as I already know (sad, sad) that my schedule for tomorrow is relentless. Taking a detour during the day is impossible. So, I’ll probably look into the people around me during the day.

Good part of the fun is that we share the experience on the Facebook site with others. Who got the medal, what did you tell them, how did they react?


[edit at 10pm.]

I thought smth was missing…

♥ In the meantime: A fantastic weekend ahead: laughter, good food, talking, sauna, forest, relaxing and enough sleep. Sharing all this with the greatest of friends makes me one happy camper.

♦ Song of the day: Nathalie Nordnes, Cetacea

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