Anti-bureaucratic gingerbread

I visited Hamburg some time ago. The Christmas markets had just opened a few days earlier. I love the decorated gingerbread stalls, but most of all, the carefree atmosphere on the markets. People stop, enjoy some mulled wine, talk to whomever is on the counter, perhaps take another warm drink and continue on their way.

On these rainy, windy and dark days in Helsinki I would really appreciate a stall where they sell mulled wine and roasted almonds. I could stop on my way home, have a warm drink and share random words on the weather, be absolutely happy and then continue home.

I’m sure there’s a rule in our legislation that forbids any stalls like this. But I also bet there are many more people like me, who would love a break of mulled wine, good atmosphere and easy talk with strangers in their everyday life.

How to import all this to Finland?

Camionette, a cute retro car selling café and crepes has taken the first step. They parked the car right downtown, sold coffee late in the night and early in the morning and all day in between, and I believe it was a success. Naturally, the entire business was only able to start after many citizens heard of the authorities’ plan of torpedoing the whole thing. Camionette received a lot of support online, e.g. on Facebook.

To the best Christmas markets and most welcoming service concepts ever, I would like to repeat the message of one of the cookies above:

Schatz, du bist die beste. Darling, you’re the greatest.

I’ve promised myself to turn this darkness into inspiration. More blog posts coming your way!

♠ In the meantime: I’m not sure if I’m surprised to read that spotting the difference between comments of a ‘lad mag’ and rapist has proven really difficult for many. Talk by men’s magazines and rapists is not so different? At least when taken out of context.

♣ Song of the day: Marit Larsen, Fine line

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