Swingin’ it

As I’ve been walking my dog in the evenings, I’ve come across something quite interesting.

I’ve seen a young guy in a nearby kids playground. As such, there’s nothing unusual. He could be passing by, waiting for someone or playing. The playground is in a park, and many people pass by or stop in the park every day. But here’s the special part. The guy is there even if it rains. He’s there quite late, usually around 9 or 10pm. And he’s not just standing around. He’s swinging. And boy is he swinging! The entire swing set moves when he goes higher and higher.

He’s there when I enter the park, and he stays when I leave.

When I first saw him, it made me smile. The second time I saw him I thought here’s something new. The third time I saw him yesterday, I thought he might be an alchemist.

Who needs to drown their sorrows or stress to physical exercise, marathon talking sessions with friends or too many drinks to ease the pain when they could swing? Who needs therapy?

He sure doesn’t.

Do you still remember how it felt like to swing? There’s something very soothing about it. You move freely through air, fly high, go faster, and continue until you’re tired and feeling light. Why not just swing the sorrows away?

Or shop a little? Like get this beautiful necklace by someone completely new to me: Erikaworks. This young Finnish lady makes great jewelry by hand-painting recycled leather. Just look at the details!

♥ In the meantime: How about them invisible mothers? I know that many women do a lot of invisible work in the house without ever making a fuss about it. But back in the day women were literally hidden.

♦ Song of the day: Dean Martin, Sway

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