The list of all things good

As you may remember, I’m very fond of lists.

Lists are wonderful, they simplify life, they create order into what’s ambiguous and they provide an endless source of happiness to a person who prefers things easy.

My lists this week include the so-called general list, including everything that needs to be remembered. I also need to make a packing list for the weekend as Nobel Peace Center in Oslo awaits. Of course there’s the work-related to do list and the more mundane shopping list, but what I’d really like to do is a list of all things good.

So here’s list of things that brought me joy today:

  • The BBC World Book Club. Has been said many times before, but never enough praise for this one. Wonderful, intriguing, interesting, captivating, mesmerizing and fun. Just listened to an old episode when walking the dog on the cold, slippery and dark shores of Helsinki. Felt like part of the audience, laughed aloud, and didn’t even notice the icy rain.
  • Social media. Love the way I can take part in people’s lives and share mine even if I don’t have the energy to physically meet pretty much anyone outside work.
  • Light. Real sunlight. Haven’t seen much of it lately, but today during lunch was able to catch a small slice of blue skies.
  • The movie Salsa King. Never knew about this Héctor Lavoe. Somehow the movie brought on the idea that those with something to give in the fields of music and literature often lose a lot. Why is that, or am I completely mistaken with the thought?
  • Found three new bands via Twitter the other day. Like them all, but am particularly impressed by The Civil Wars.
  • The alpaca sweater that Elba has knitted me is wonderfully soft and warm (posted a photo of Elba to Twitter). Thank you Yalo ladies for bringing it to Finland!
  • One of the finest cafés of Helsinki, Gran Delicato, is now nearer to my flat than before. They prepare divine coffee and perhaps even more divine ciabattas.
  • Sharon Jones is playing in Helsinki the coming February. Even if I can’t find the energy to meet people in this darkness, I must meet art as often as possible, and find all the inspiration it has to offer.
  • I may have finally learned the lesson of sleeping enough. Can’t take more hours to the day from sleep, nope. Very bad consequences. The best thing about Christmas holiday was to sleep until eleven. I still feel energized by the extra hours spent sleeping. Great!

Of course there are times when I only make lists of things frustrating and annoying. They’re called shit lists, of course. Very original. But I’ll spare you from their content, at least for now.

♦ In the meantime: I’m currently reading The summer without men by Siri Hustvedt but think I should perhaps be reading The reluctant fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid. The old BBC World Book Club episode I listened today was about Hamid’s novel. Maybe the monologue type of writing in Hamid’s book would feel lighter than the weight of being a woman in Hustvedt’s book.

♠ Song of the day: Caitlin Rose, Own side

2 thoughts on “The list of all things good

  1. I very much enjoyed Siri Hustvedt’s The Summer without Men. Lists are playing on my mind a lot at the moment too, not least because I am undertaking a project to read a book from every country in 2012. I’ve had a lot of good suggestions so far, but there are still quite a few gaps on the list ( Any thoughts much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I’m looking forward to finishing the book, but at the moment it does seem a bit like a heavy read. Great project you have! Interesting! I noticed a gap on your list with Laos. I wonder if you’d accept a book written by an expat, situated in Laos (or at least was at some point). Anyway, the stories are set on the streets of Vientiane, with the main character of Dr. Siri Paiboun by Colin Cotterill. My hunch is there is not much Lao literature translated, but I could ask around, as I’m lucky to have some Lao friends.

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