Finding the eco-balance in Oslo

When visiting Oslo, the city was kind enough to show us beautiful weather and the best parts of winter, sunshine and proper snow. Not all the time, but most of the time.

Despite having been to Oslo several times before, I’ve never visited the Vigelandsparken before, seen the fancy, Western side of town, spent time in the suburbs nor taken the slow and meandering tube ride up to Holmenkollen. This visit, we managed to experience them all.

We stayed in a relatively small hotel right behind Aker Brygge, bordering the fancy Western side of town. The hotel Guldsmeden where we stayed at, rides on the eco-wave even on breakfast – in addition to all things healthy, they also served thin chocolates but called them something quite different.

Our stay in the hotel was very pleasant, staff was super friendly, beds were very comfortable and breakfast delicious. However, the interior decoration was slightly surprising: combining elements from Lapland and…Bali. In practice this meant that there were reindeer skins everywhere, surrounded by bamboo and decorations made of sea shells. Unusual combo, for me anyway.

And this long intro brings me to the interesting concept of branding and how difficult it actually is.

Is it really ecological to have organic shampoo and breakfast rolls without e-ingredients, but keep reindeer skins on the bed and bring stuff from Bali for interior decoration? On the other hand, does it make any difference if I buy clothes made of bamboo, tencel and organic cotton, if I fly to Oslo once a year?

How does one find the balance? And why do my blog posts always end up with a question?

♥ In the meantime: My Spooks marathon is well under way. Season 8 already finished, season 9 almost done and season 10 in the pipeline.

♣ Song of the day: DJ Shadow, This time (I’m gonna try it my way)

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