Not only granny squares

It’s very humbling to realize you’ve made a mistake in crocheting a pattern, and then just pull the string. And pull. And pull.

I just had to destroy one evening’s work from a pullover I’m making. I’d added way too many stitches and the pullover was starting to grow very large. This is slow fashion by definition.

And since I finally created a Pinterest account for myself instead of just looking at all the beautiful things in awe, it’s time to share the love. My love for crochet, that is. Here are some of my favorite crochet achievements so far. Also available on Pinterest from now on!

The cutest ever yellow canary shirt. Mostly suitable for Lao weather.

The cutest ever yellow gloves. Almost suitable for Lao weather. Better for the Finnish summer.

My first crochet slippers. Gave them away as a gift. Made more. And more.

All photos belong to me, if you share, please credit Yalotar!

♦ In the meantime: It’s mid-February and Helsinki has more daylight than in months. Mornings are not pitch dark anymore. Bliss!

♥ Song of the day: The National, Bloodbuzz Ohio

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