What does music look like?

I already fell in love with Pinterest some time ago. The idea of having a visual social media is simply remarkable. For any person who needs to draw plans instead of writing them down, this tool is fantastic fuel for the brain. I’m forever thankful for a friend who guided me to the wonderful world of Pinterest sometime last year.

I’ve been wondering for a good while how to combine my love for music and writing. To write about music is one thing, to listen, share and comment on some social media platform is another. While flicking through the magnificent photography on World Press Photo website, the understanding finally hit me.

Music always looks like something to me.

When watching the film Hanna the other night I suddenly realized what life would be without music. In the film, the main character Hanna has lived in the Finnish forest for all her life and in the film, hears music for the first time in her life. Imagine if you had only heard a description of music is, but never heard it being played.

What does music feel like, she asks in the film. The answer is something along these lines: a combination of sounds, with a view to beauty of form and expression of emotion. True, very true. Music always helps surface emotions.

So, I created a board to Pinterst: What music looks like. I can combine meaningful or just beautiful pieces of music with imagery that somehow describes or feels like that particular song to me. Superb! With this tool, it feels more ok to share e.g. photography, as the tool automatically links the original source and of course, one can describe the photo by crediting the copyright owner. Am I just imagining or being naive, or is this better than just copying photos to one’s blog for example?

♥ In the meantime: Soon the snow is melting (hopeful!) and it’s time to open cycling season again. Can’t wait to get my lovely granny bike from the storage. Spring mornings, I’m really looking forward to cycling through town to embrace you!

♣ Song of the day: Wallis Bird, The Circle

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