The spring has officially started

I bought myself some tulips. They sneak into the flower shops every spring, early on in the year. Upon seeing them, you remember that the darkness of the winter is turning into something full of light and energy. Soon it’s time to take out the bike, if only the snow would melt away.

Even though I’ve lived in Finland quite some years, February always gives me a surprise. One morning, out of nowhere, there is daylight at 7.30 am. when going to work. It always comes as a surprise, as if I would have walked with my eyes closed all the other days.

Today was that day. I walked to work, and suddenly realized that it’s not dark anymore. What a fantastic feeling! It’s only getting better from now on!

So, tulips it is. A new tradition, I decided. Every year, when the day of morning daylight finally arrives, I’ll walk to work with a smile on my face and come home with colorful tulips.

♣ In the meantime: If not solved, youth unemployment will fuel major frustration in Finland, too. It’s a worldwide phenomenon that requires attention, perhaps more acutely in countries with large generations of youth without good prospects for education or work. Let’s generate work for youngsters to keep societies at peace.

♥ Song of the day: Kathleen Edwards, Change the Sheets

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