Pastel colors in the West, rain in the East

Yesterday was a bright winter day with a lot of sunshine and a spring-like feeling. A great day for any outdoor activity or just walking from one place to another. I chose the latter.

I went to see the photo exhibition in the Finnish museum of photography about the division of Helsinki. East West battle of money and wealth. There were quite a few other exhibitions in the museum too, but this one was most interesting for me.

In the recent years I’ve been trying to explore my home town with the following questions: would I like to live in this area? Many areas where I would like to live seem to be somewhere else than in Eastern Helsinki. I don’t really know why, but that’s how it seems to be.

What struck me most is the realization that I look exactly like those in the West. My home resembles their homes, the way I comb my hair and choose my clothes seem to resemble more those from the West.

Naturally, there are many techniques one can choose to add effects to a photograph: it all offers avenues for interpretation. The funniest photos in the exhibition were about dogs and their owners. Dog owners in the West had beautiful soft light surrounding them, people wearing white, sitting on comfortable sofas, gently holding their pets, with some softening effects added on the edges of the photo. Dog owners in the east were standing in front of blocks of flats, in grey outside light, probably rain, dogs wearing rain coats or ugly safety reflector vests. No softening effects anywhere in sight.

The whole thing made me laugh. So over the top, or that’s how it felt to me anyway. Is that how it really is? In the East you don’t even have to make an effort? Are we looking at reality or filtered conceptions of the photographer?

The reason I chose the photo above is because a similar photo was described in the Eastern Helsinki section. The photo above is from my home. I don’t live in the East, but my power cords are equally tangled and mixed on the floor.

♥ In the meantime: I got a wonderful surprising message today. It made my mundane Monday look brighter than expected!

♥ Song of the day: Robin, Frontside Ollie. Google it, it’s a phenomenon. This 13 something dude has sold a massive amount of records on Finnish scale: 60 000 in one day. Young bloke, singing about a skateboarding girl.

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