Jane Eyre in compelling colours

It’s spring! The sunshine this morning made my eyes hurt, literally. Despite the thick layer of snow and people ice-fishing right outside Helsinki, I did see a patch of green today. It’s the promise of spring.

During our morning walk, my German Shepherd dragged me on top of a small hill and there it was: a meter by meter patch of land where all snow had melted for one reason or another, and beautiful green grass sprouts were leaning towards the sun. Both the dog and I were at awe. She was staring and digging, I was mostly staring and smiling.

As so often on Saturdays, I focus on relaxing. After the morning walk, I continued relaxing on the sofa. My crocheting project is fast advancing, even though it’s definitely not what the pattern aims at. I think it’s going to be a dress instead of a pullover.

Today I crocheted while watching the 2011 film Jane Eyre, based on the famous novel by one of the Brontë sisters. Pheeew! What passion! The story is compelling already as it is, and seeing it visualized makes it all the more compelling for me.

The film was visually very rewarding, I particularly loved the colors. Colours had much more meaning at the time compared to present times, at least in women’s clothing. Jane Eyre is wearing grey almost all the time, whereas rich chicks are wearing white and mint green. Coco Chanel had not yet invented the little black dress and black was a color for mourning and sadness. Now remembering the film I see beautiful green, blue and gold. And it’s not only that. The way they use darkness and light to create atmosphere and convey emotion throughout the film, I was impressed.

The color grading for this film was done well. But having watched the trailer just now out of interest, it seems SO grim. Super grim, secretive and dark! Interesting. Did they want to highlight the seriousness of the film, difficulty of topics and all the drama?

♥ In the meantime: We’re following a very sad public drama in one of the labour unions in Finland. It seems a person who has been bullied for a long time was kicked out in a nasty way. It’s all over the news, I’m sure these things happen in the dark all the time, but this one’s in public. Quite controversially, the labour union is sending out a message: don’t use your rights, don’t speak, yield. Is that really the message they want to emphasize? I don’t think so.

♠ Song of the day: Emilie Autumn, What if

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