Green for the spring

As I showed my true colors in an earlier posting, red for solidarity, maybe now would be a good time to show some green for the spring.

These green wrist warmers are great when you want to wear a lighter jacket, maybe with some 3/4 sleeves. Ruffles included for the happiness effect.

This green belt was made for a very special friend, but it could easily be worn with a black dress, belt loosely wrapped around the waist. You see where I’m going here: lighter jackets, dresses? SPRING!

With that 3/4 sleeves jacket, black dress and green belt I would not wear these slippers, but high heels. These I would wear at home. They’re made of bamboo yarn, same as the wrist warmers, and they’re wonderfully soft.

These green crochet creations are meaningful in many ways. They were all made in Laos, a special time in my life. After creating the belt, quite amazed myself, I started thinking maybe I could try patterns that are more complicated than single crochet squares. Turning point.

♠ In the meantime: I thought it might be interesting to see a movie about global warming. The topic is important, and in the spirit of all good movies on political characters, I watched Ice 2020. What a mistake. Bad dialogue, story has massive black holes in it, spiced up with crap acting. Avoid!

♣ Song of the day: Jukka Poika, Silkkii

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