Visual thinking is king

I took part in a short seminar today, just to get a better sense on visual communications and possibilities around the theme. Of course, the seminar was about certain features of certain programmes of a certain company, and it’s hard trying not to name them as the whole thing was so utterly cool. I wish I was a graphic designer.

I’m genuinely in awe at all the things Adobe programs are capable of doing. Don’t ask why, as I know not, but I have managed to live happily with my iTablet without downloading a fantastic sketching programme, Adobe Ideas. Vectors and layers, picking color themes from photos. Yummy! Of course the main idea is to make it easy to use other programs of the same family, but even as it is, the sketching tool is pretty fantastic.

Lesson learned: one must leave everyday surroundings on a regular basis to find inspiration, get new ideas and see the world from outside. Only then can you (or at least I) cultivate ideas to another level. Inspiration, happiness = good results.

Can we just agree that from now on I focus on drawing, visualizing and publishing digital magazines? Yes?

♦ In the meantime: The labour union mess-up is still in the headlines. Not sure if the people who stirred it up quite understood the scale of things. To my delight, Finnish people seem to take employment terms, workers’ rights and on-the-job bullying seriously. I hope everyone hears the message. As we know, the change begins with us.

♣ Song of the day: Wallis Bird, Encore

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