Keeping in touch and bumping into

I find myself buying fresh tulips every week. They look lovely on the kitchen table, even smell nice. Sharing a photo of them online makes it easy to count the weeks that I’ve been officially waiting for the spring. And they bring joy to all friends around the world even in digital format. Nice!

Some people still find social media tools somehow less real for keeping in touch with friends. That it’s somehow better, more thoughtful, more considerate and more real to send a text message, write a letter or make a phone call to keep in touch. Maybe so. At least a traditional letter or a postcard is a big event nowadays. But I guess it depends on the way people are and how comfortable they are using social media tools. If none the people in your networks use, say, Facebook or Twitter, what’s the use of using the tools yourself – if you would specifically like to keep in touch with people in those forums? I can understand that.

Anyway, for me, all these tools create more levels for keeping in touch with people. And, best of all, they let you bump into things and people you never would have bumped into otherwise. For an extrovert like me, that’s just dandy! The amount of ideas you can pick up, even with modest browsing, is great. It all really depends on the tools/forums you choose.

I’ve tested Pinterest for a while now with an account of my own, and I’m flabbergasted by e.g. the great crochet patterns that keep coming my way from the people I’m networking with. Great stuff. I see ideas for my future projects almost every day. That’s quite something!

Two days ago in Twitter I was reminded of the initiative I blogged about earlier, Quality Hunters. Related to the context, my passion was travel fiction and some ecological aspects of air travel. Now, to my great delight, some of the ideas developed during last year while Quality Hunters were traveling the world, are actually being implemented.

The idea I bumped into now is the book swapping system to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Since all the ideas were developed together, the organizers use crowd sourcing also in the implementation. See my proposal for the floor plan of the book swap area in the photo above. I’m imagining low book shelves, cozy chairs, some green, some inspiration on the walls (text, quotes etc.). Pathways and low shelves would be a nice way to wander around the relatively small area, maybe even get into a chat with someone else. I’m looking into the ideas of moss graffiti, text printed on walls and small stickers to be added to all swapped books. Was fun to plan, and great to share. Social!

♣ In the meantime: It seems that for the first time in five years, more people have arrived to Finland than left the country. Percentage of foreign citizen is slowly on the rise, which I think is great. Welcome!

♥ Song of the day: John Mayer, Belief

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