Name it right

It’s Saturday, the second best day of the week. Friday evening is the best day of the week. A friend constantly questions that Friday evening is not exactly a full day, but I say, details, details.

Just watched a great movie, Bottle Shock. Already a few years old, it’s a great story about the 1976 wine competition Judgement of Paris, where Californian wine kicked some French ass in a blind tasting. The film was introduced in the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, and I was surprised that I’ve never heard of it before. I wonder if the name could have been selected a bit better? I read the description of the film in Voddler, and really only chose to watch it because of Alan Rickman and Bradley Whitford having roles in it. Glad I did! My crochet project took several steps ahead and I thoroughly enjoyed the story and Napa valley views.

Why would they name the film Bottle Shock? Of course the French wine tasters were appalled to see Californian wine beat their own, but still. Am I just too positive to think the film might have done better with a more positive name? In the end, the film was really about fulfilling dreams, conquering obstacles and finding happiness. Just like The Help that I also watched the other day. I was really impressed and touched by the story. Reminded me of reading and posting more about 33 Revolutions per Minute, the interesting book by  Dorian Lynskey.

I wish it was already summer. I would have great glass of wine in my hand, and I could enjoy it in my very own garden, wearing my beautiful, new crochet dress (erase mozzies, cold weather, wind, rain etc. from the picture). I actually started collecting my garden dreams into a Pinterest board. The things people come up with! Amazing. It’s sad the Finnish summer is so short. Must make the most of it next summer. Lots of hanging out in the garden with great wine, I hope.

♠ In the meantime: That nasty labour union business is taking surprising turns. Great news for the individual who got her job back, great news for the rest of us who think that all nasty business simply cannot be wiped under the carpet with taciturn acceptance. Most importantly, great news for all the people who are constantly bullied in their work places. I hope they get some oomph from the public fight to win their individual battles.

♥ Song of the day: Mavis Staples, Eyes on the Prize

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