How to pin about social justice?

Making plans for anything visual is nowadays quite easy. One just has to flick through the largest FREE online magazine, Pinterest. You can choose categories as you go along, and the service covers pretty much anything and everything (visual).

I’m wondering if their concept can really hold. It’s about sharing photos: immaterial rights, copyrights, there are a lot of grey areas. But, as long as the service remains open, I’m using it to collect ideas and make plans as it is super easy and convenient.

My latest board is for a den that will soon be mine. All mine. My precious.

In my future den, I want to use old and recycled materials in a creative way, without buying too much of anything. I can invest in paint and hooks and perhaps in one roll of wallpaper, ok also a large desk, but that’s it. The rest I want to make with my own hands (or the husband’s). For example, I never would have thought of this. Smart, eh?

But there is something very weird in Pinterest, or people. Or me, for that matter. Maybe I’m just not getting it. Many people are sharing tips on e.g. organizing things, like cleaning closets and pantries. I respect every person’s right to do as they choose, as long as they’re not hurting anyone else on the way, but if I ever fall into pinning about organizing the cleaning closet, feel free to make funny remarks.

Pinterest has been researched a bit, and it seems it’s a service for women. Or to put it another way, most of the users are women. Is this really how we find our purpose in life. Organising the cleaning closet?

How to make a board about social justice, equal rights, strong female characters in politics or work against domestic violence? Maybe I need to set something up, just to give everyone a wakeup call.

♠ In the meantime: Just to celebrate daylight saving time, we received a fresh layer of snow last night. Oh the irony! Now the sun is shining and all that white is melting away. I’m off for a long walk in the sun with my German Shepherd!

♥ Song of the day: Lana Del Rey: Diet Mountain Dew

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