The Good Friday list of all things good


Oh, the month of April, you are so welcome. But tell me, why is it still snowing in Helsinki?

As I’m not religious, so my interpretation of Good Friday is something like Friday with good thoughts, good sunshine and good everything. Many good things are indeed around today, but it’s still snowing and raining. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Go away winter!

To celebrate Good Friday, a list of all things good:

  • My current slow fashion project (see photo above) is moving along nicely. Already working on the hem, still unsure if it’s going to be a dress or a longish pullover. Maybe a dress? I started off with this pattern, but then I got carried away with the hem.
  • I took out my bike yesterday and challenged the frosty wind. It was lovely. I will definitely yarn bomb my bike later on, even I’m not sure if it’s really yarn bombing when it’s your own bike.
  • The magic of applications does not cease to amaze me. I tested a Spotify app for the first time today, the Mood Agent. Pretty impressive, must admit. The app instantly lists all my favorites. Does it pick up the history of my choices or is this really random? I now realize my taste in music is (and has pretty much always been) sensual. Not sure of the necessity of being labeled by others in general, but one’s taste in music is quite descriptive. I don’t mind being labeled sensual.
  • A new issue of Crochet Today is out. I hope there’s some inspiration there for me. A quick look reveals this fiesta blouse, which might be something of an inspiration. I like the airy feel here, even though I would need a different color.
  • Now it’s time to spend some quality time on the sofa. This time we’re watching the Conspirator, a movie about assassination trial of Abraham Lincoln.

♣ In the meantime: I’m thinking the recently published World Happiness Report does not take into account the melancholic state of mind us Finns tend to have. Interesting report, though. I was particularly happy to see the sentence: Behaving well makes people happier. I so agree.

♠ Song of the day: Beth Orton, Where Do You Go

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