We have this thing called corruption. And racism.

What a week. Murderers, expelled politicians, convicted politicians. Negative people everywhere. Pheew.

I’ve been following the trial of the Norwegian murderer Anders Behring Breivik via Twitter. There’s a Finnish journalist in Oslo, sitting in the court room and tweeting. It’s a completely new experience for me, to be following a trial with such intensity. Social media is making it happen. No need for live footage.

Quite an experience. Came to my dreams, too. Not very pleasant.

In addition to the trial, this week has brought along many surprises. One Finnish parliamentarian was sacked for refusing to fire his assistant, who proposed sleeve tags to e.g. all foreigners and homosexuals. You may not be surprised that the political group the parliamentarian belongs to is True Finns. If there’s anything good in the mess, it is the parliamentary group taking action and saying there are consequences to inappropriate behavior.Naturally, the assistant defends herself by saying others simply don’t understand the humor in her writings.

As if that wasn’t enough for the week, today another parliamentarian was convicted of bribery. The sentences were serious. Some people are going to jail.

Is this a good time to remind us of the fact that Finland ranks second (shared with Denmark) on the Corruption perceptions index by Transparency International? We seem to have this idea that Finland is free of corruption. These old boys networks, well, they don’t count, it’s just old boys. Well, they sure count today.

This week is obviously filled with negativity. The best way to survive is to be happy about at least one thing every day, sleep a lot, and a new week will be there sooner than you think. Today I was happy about cycling to work in the morning sun!

I’m going to enjoy a small trip to Southern Europe in the coming days. Will enjoy sunshine, light shoes, light jacket, good coffee and great company.

♣ In the meantime: Too many upsetting things happening this week. I’m not sure what to think of the Swedish cake incident, either. I do understand that art can and maybe should raise difficult questions. But still. Something in the cake incident seems very strange. And yet again, we have misunderstood the message of the artist (read the article behind link). My conclusion: we would all be better off just crocheting away. Keep calm and crochet on!

♠ Song of the day: Lou Rawls, Trouble down here below

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