In search of the soul

Today is one of those days. One of the biggest carnivals, compulsory festivals, days of massive national consumption of alcohol: Walpurgis Night or vappu in Finnish. One of those days with a lot of must, have to, need to and way too many expectations. You have to celebrate! We need to do this! You must come!

I wonder how much genuine joy is in the air, and how much forced happiness? Duty to celebrate? Social pressure? How many of those tens of thousands of people are there because they really want to?

I was looking at the beautiful sunlight around 4pm after a full day of work, saw many people gearing up for the evening, and decided I was too tired to go anywhere. I wish all the people who felt the same stayed at home tonight.

Instead of hanging outside with a big crowd of people I don’t know, I closed the curtains and watched a movie, the Warrior. Even though the story is about love, forgiveness and finding things you thought forever lost, the whole thing is built around mixed martial arts. Not a setting you see very often. It’s refreshing to see the atypical male character search for his soul from the cage instead of the EatPrayLove type female character looking for hers in Bali.

I’m sure it would do many people so good to do a little soul searching. No need to go to Bali, nor start fighting in cages, but just to spend some time alone and listen to the surfacing thoughts.

Rufus Wainwright says it so well in his new song Respectable dive:

Let’s meet in a respectable dive
On the somewhat safe street
And have a beer
We’ve both kept our eyes on the ball
We know the lyrics to them all
These songs of fear

♣ In the meantime: On a day like this they actually publish a piece of news about Finns drinking less spirits? Ironic. I say home-made mead and sugared donuts for everyone!

♠ Song of the day: Rufus Wainwright, Barbara

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