Easy like Sunday morning

Even if I don’t like the near-fatal celebrations of Walpurgi’s Night on April 30th so much, I love the 1st of May fiercely. May Day, a public holiday, the official start of summer, is a celebration for all the workers, rather similar in spirit to Labour Day celebrated in other parts of the world in various times, sometimes in September, sometimes October, some countries celebrate on 1st of May as well.

And even though May Day has traditions that reach further in history than achieving agreement on the eight-hour working day, for me it’s mostly a chance to take it easy and focus on what’s good in life. As everyday life easily turns into these depressing seven steps, a free day from work is welcome and should be used in whatever way makes you happiest. Many people in Finland take out their sunglasses for the first time and head out for a picnic or brunch with family and friends.

This year, instead of heading out for a picnic, what makes me happiest is listening to great music that brings forward emotions from left and right, drinking coffee from my favorite mug, enjoying a second breakfast, drawing, writing and thinking. Easy like Sunday morning.

♦ In the meantime: As I was walking with my German Shepherd near The Picnic Location in Helsinki a few hours ago, it was already completely crowded.

♥ Song of the day: Michael Kiwanuka: They say I’m doing just fine

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