Old sheets into crochet doily rugs

Step one: Old sheets, cut into yarn. I chose my white 100% linen ones. They’ve served me well for the last ten years. Choose a movie to keep you entertained, this part is going to take a while.

Step two: After three(!) painful hours of using scissors, here’s the result. One duvet cover cut and rolled into a big ball of thick yarn and a size 15 hook. My old Nokia phone is there just for comparison. I’ve never had a hook this big before.

Step Three: After some rounds of crocheting, the rug starts to take shape. Here the diameter is about 75 cm. I like to add a few arches here and there so that the rug really starts to resemble a doily. With the material I got from one duvet cover, I was able to add a few more rounds to the rug after this photo, and now I’m facing another three hours of using the scissors. I will sleep first 🙂

♦ In the meantime: I’m not a big ice-hockey fan, but the way they have priced the tickets for this year’s world championship games right here in Finland is just ridiculous: too pricey for people to buy. End result? Empty seats, tickets being given out for free or very low price. Epic fail!

♦ Song of the day: Perfume Genius, No tear

7 thoughts on “Old sheets into crochet doily rugs

  1. This is amazing! I shoud do that too 🙂 I remember I used to be able to do that, too bad I don’t have any old sheets! Maybe I’ll get some next time I am at the thrift store 🙂

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