Recycling Factory rules in Helsinki

This weekend was the fifth time we get to enjoy the Recycling Factory here in Helsinki. It’s an event organized at the old Cable Factory, a great environment for events with a meaning. Cable Factory is the largest cultural centre in Finland, housing e.g. several museums and galleries, providing a space for a variety of cultural activities.

In addition to the large “free of charge” flea-market (bring stuff, take stuff, no charge), various recycling-themed workshops and fashion shows, the organizers describe their event in the following way:

Exhibitors include over 50 companies of whose selection comprises of ecologically and ethically manufactured products, such as accessories, bags, house utensils, jewellery and cosmetics.

It was like walking in heaven. And I don’t mean all the products, but the like-minded people. I was so happy to see a crowd, all interested in recycling and ecological and ethical ways of consumption.

Here are some items that caught my eye. I can so see myself walking the streets of Helsinki, storing my coins in a Gibson Brothers tape purse, carrying a bag made of an old carpet, wearing orange earrings and the beautiful black butterfly brooch. *sigh*

Purses. Made of tapes. If you look closely, there’s a tape by the Gibson Brothers on the left. I’m not sure if these are only valuable to older generations such as mine. I still remember how I saved money to buy my first tapes. When you finally had enough, you did not log into iTunes, you walked into the only record store in town and came out with a tiny bag. Made by: Janne Designs

Bags made of old carpets. Finland is full of carpets like these: our houses, summer houses, everywhere you go. I really like the smart use of old and readily available material in a modern design. Made by: Intoa Design

Earrings for color lovers. Made from leftover coloring pencils from kindergartens (maybe also schools, not quite sure). Smart, eh? At some point, you can’t color with the stubs anymore, hence, you turn them into earrings. Made by: Elli Hukka, sold by Paloni. I particularly like the fact that Paloni has organized a crochet workshop in their shop. Read more from their blog.

I don’t shop much, but I did get one thing. This beautiful butterfly brooch made of recycled bicycle inner tube could not be left behind. It was love at first sight. I love the leftovers of the original print still visible in the wings. Made by: Yuan Long & Jaime De Vizcaya, sold by Paloni.

♠ In the meantime: Maybe it’s the recent super moon that’s making all the magic happen. Just when I really need it, our housing company is bringing a waste container and a container for hazardous waste to the garden for next week AND the entire town turns into a big flea-market on Saturday 12th as the Cleaning Day takes over the streets of Helsinki. Bliss!

♥ Song of the day: Gibson Brothers, Cuba

5 thoughts on “Recycling Factory rules in Helsinki

    • Hi there, thanks for the comment! I do love Helsinki too 🙂 Today’s the Cleaning Day that I mention in the blog post. Just read that there are some 450 sales tables all over town. Can’t wait to go out and see what’s happening!

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