Old sheets into crochet doily rugs, part II

Some days ago I started working on a new crocheted doily rug. The work started with cutting an old duvet cover into yarn, then crocheting a bit, then cutting some more yarn. Crocheting is easy and fast, it’s the other stuff that’s taking a lot of time. Or maybe my scissors are just too small.

The pattern I’m trying to imitate is a beautiful rug that I saw in Etsy. Anyway, here’s how the work progressed from where the last blog post ended.

In order to crochet some more rounds I had to cut the second duvet cover, too. It’s painstakingly slow, but I guess that’s what it’s all about. So, round two at the yarn factory for me. Took a lot of time, but was definitely worth it.

After some late night stitching, my German Shepherd put her foot down, and the night shift at the rug factory was finished.

Also, the minute I spread the rug on the floor to see how the pattern looked like, the dog chose to lie down there. So I guess the rug is soft and nice.

And here, finally, the doily rug. It’s about 113 cm in diameter. The rug turned out fine, even though not like the pattern I was thinking of. Sorry for the bad lighting on the photo: our house is full of moving boxes and free floor space is scarce.

I really like the idea of recycling old materials and creating something completely different from them. As crochet often is, this project too, was slow fashion in the making.

♠ In the meantime: I read a piece of news that kind of hit a nerve. Guilty!

♥ Song of the day: Chromatics, Tick of the Clock

10 thoughts on “Old sheets into crochet doily rugs, part II

    • Oh thanks! The crocheting lasted maybe for a few movies, but if I include cutting the sheets and pretend I had no breaks, then let’s say 1,5 days 🙂 Next I want to test a chunkier and smoother yarn to have less fibers(?) sticking out of the rug.

  1. How fantastic is that! I am in the middle of doing a doily rug out of plastic bags (I ran out of bags so I am waiting for more) and I have had my eye on an old sheet, thinking I should upcycle it into a rug of sorts. (I haven’t posted about the plastic bag one, but will this week I hope)

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